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ti 84 plus

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The ti 84 plus is a graphing calculator created by Texas Instrument.

The ti 84 Plus is an upgrade to the ti 83 Plus.
It remains completely compatible with the ti 83 Plus for the basic programming and even for the native language (assembly).

About the TI-84 plus handheld

The ti84 plus calculator is a product created by Texas Instruments

The ti 84 plus calculator is very powerful and provides all what you need for mathematics.

ti 84 plus specifications

The cpu speed is 15MHz and the CPU model is a ZiLOG Z80.
The ti 84 Plus has a newly designed case.

The ti 84 plus features include a new built-in clock, a new mini USB link port in addition to the standard I/O port.

The ti 84 plus LCD is a monochrome screen, its size is 96 * 64 pixels (white pixel = 0, black pixel = 1).

The company behind the ti 84 plus : Texas Instrument

Texas Instruments continues to be the leader when it comes to multi-functional calculators.
Currently, the main line of TI calculators is the Nspire technology.
Casio released recently the Prizm and HP will release the Prime soon, but these models are not directly challenging the ti 84 plus. The ti 84 plus is accepted for exams.

ti 84 plus history

The ti 84 plus handheld was fistly released on january 2004).
As for the ti 83 plus, Texas Instrument released the ti 84 plus Silver Edition (alors known as ti 84 plus SE) at the same date (Jan 7, 2004).

ti 84 plus Silver Edition

The ti 84 plus SE has a different look and a lot of additional flash rom memory (1.5M bytes against 480k Bytes for the regular ti84 plus).
The ti 84 plus also features 128K RAM (instead of 32K RAM for the regular ti 84 plus not SE).
Texas Instrument finally removed some extra RAM and lets only 48K RAM on recent units.

ti 84 plus ROM versions

Texas instrument released mutliples rom versions :
  • 2.21
  • 2.22
  • 2.30
  • 2.40
  • 2.41
  • 2.43
  • 2.53MP
  • 2.55MP

You can check the ti 84 plus rom version by pressing [2nd] [MEM] [1].

You can upldate your ROM version due to the flash memory (it was not possible on regular ti 83 which have the ROM stored in a non erasable memory).

Connect ti 84 plus to computer

ti 84 plus is fully compatible with the classic links.
Here's the list of the links you can use with a ti 84 plus :
  • ti graph link
  • parallel link
  • usb link
  • serial link
See the list on this article

The ti 84

What's the ti 84 ???

This model doesn't exist, when someonbe talk about ti 84, he simply forget to mention the plus.
Referring to ti 84 is the same as talking about ti 84 plus or ti 84 plus SE.

How to get a ti 84 plus

The price of the ti 84 plus is more or less 110 dollars.
The ti 84 plus silver edition is more expensive and cost about 130 dollars usually.
You can't buy it directly on the Texas Instrument website, but have a look at our pretty big list of ti 84 plus resellers
You should usually receive your ti 84 plus calculator with its 4*AAA battery and a cover case (cover case is optional! Be careful).

When compared to the older model TI-83, the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator has three times the memory, more than double the processing speedt and a higher contrast screen.
To make it even better, the TI 84 Plus is keystroke to keystroke compatible with the older model too.
That means if you are familiar with the older model, then your are already familiar with this one too.

ti 84 plus exams acceptance

Just like its predecessor (e.g. ti 83 plus), you can use the ti 84 plus on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance exams and AP tests.
When coupled with the optional TI Presentation Link adapter it can be use for the IB exam too.
For the french people, you shouldn't care about exams acceptance too :)

ti 84 plus Key Features

  • USB cable included with purchase for downloading free Apps and games
  • Assembly programming is possible on this handeld
  • Flash and ram memory (archiving allow protecting your data from hardware reset)
  • Draw graphs
  • Compatible with TI presentation tools (TI Presentation Link adapter available separately)
  • Currently, Texas Instrument provides a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty

ti 84 plus operating system update

  • Stat Wizards for selected commands and functions
  • Input and view math symbols, formulas and stacked fractions exactly as they appear in textbooks.
  • History of calculations (Second + enter to recall lastest commands)
  • Fraction math with easy-to-use templates
  • Trace a function using one of the fraction you defined with your custom graph properties
  • Change mode degre, polar, fraction, decimal...

ti 84 plus accessories

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