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DOWNLOAD : Notefolio for ti84plus or ti83plus : DOWNLOAD

Notefolio : useful download links

Here, you will find all the download links related to notefolio.

>>>>> Download Notefolio creator <<<<<

>>>>> Download ti connect 1.5 for notefolio <<<<<

>>>>> Download .NET 1.1 for ti notefolio creator <<<<<

Notefolio : overview

Notefolio is Texas Instrument application designed to ti84plus.
You could download it here. But you should really read the install howto...
It could be used to create and send notes from computer to ti 84 plus.
You can also create, edit and save notes directly on your ti 84 plus notefolio creator application.

TI notefolio creator is a text editor with a basic format which allow you to create and transfer notes to your calculator (ti 83 plus, ti 83 plus SE, ti 84 plus , ti 84 plus SE, ti 89).
The software automatically detects the calculator connected to the computer.

So with ti notefolio creator you can :

- Create notes
- Open amd edit existing notes
- Print notes
- Transfer notes from computer to ti 84 plus or ti 84 plus

TI notefolio creator is composed of 3 applications :
- The ti notefolio creator which is the basic text editor.
- The Word plugin
- The ti notefolio creator application (notefolio.8xk) for your calculator.

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Notefolio : How to install

Every steps to install notefolio for your ti 84 plus (computer and calc side).
Very detailed article !
If you tried to install notefolio, you should have noticed that ,notefolio is not easy to set up...
That's a shame as notefolio is an official Texas Instrument application but I will help you to set notefolio up correctly.

First thing you need to know is that :


First you need to download ticonnect.

You can get it here :

>>>>> Download ti connect 1.5 for notefolio <<<<<

If you forget to install ticonnect, you will simply get this error "TI Connect is either un-installed or missing. Please re-install TI Connect and try again".

Like on this screenshot :


If you try to download it from the official TI website you should have something like this :



If you do that, you will have :


Download this ti connect 1.5 !

>>>>> Download ti connect 1.5 for notefolio <<<<<

Ok let's start ticonnect install :

Click Next.


Accept the ticonnect licence.


Keep the default ticonnectinstall directory.

Eveything seems OK so let's go !


Ti Connect installation is processing...

Ok at this point it seems OK :)

Now let's start installing notefolio.
You can download it here :

>>>>> Download Notefolio creator<<<<<

The TI website donload page is like this :

Ok download it then run notefolio install setup :

Click Next.

Ok click Next.

Accept the notefolio licence.

Keep the default install directory for notefolio.

Ok let's start notefolio install !

Notefolio installation is running :)

Ok notefolio is installed ! Go !

If we have a look at the Windows starter notefolio tree :

Ok next we need to have the notefolio editor on our calculator.

So find the file on your computer (in the folder : C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI NoteFolio Creator).

Then send it to your calculator with ticonnect OR tilp. Here I will simulate it with the emulator tilem2 :

Ok send it (you can either click yes or no to garbage collect) :

The ti 83 plus fr will receive it slowly :

Press key apps to see notefolio entry :

Run notefolio :

Press enter.

Bad news : "Upgrade OS to 1.15 or later"

I have to update the OS of this calculator :(

Update it and retry :


Victory !!!!!!!

Now I can either create notes on my calculator and save it on my computer or create notes on my computer and send it to my ti 84 plus or ti 83 plus.

P.S. : a lot of notefolio related questions and answers are available here :

>>>>> TI Notefolio Creator questions and answers <<<<<

Be sure to check it out !

You could also ask your own question very quickly on this FAQ :

ti 84 plus questions and answers

Notefolio : error sending to device

How to solve the notefolio error sending to device : "Cannot send to TI Device" or "Cannot save a file"?

When you see messages "Cannot send to TI Device" or "Cannot save a file" when using ti NoteFolio Creator, you need to reinstall notefolio because it is possible that some of the installation files or keys (in windows registry) are corrupted and stopped working.

You need to repair the installation.
Follow the steps provided below to troubleshoot this issue.

First close TI Connect and TI NoteFolio Creator if open.
Go in the control panel and select "Add or Remove Programs".

Click on TI NoteFolio Creator and click Repair.

Once the Repair process is complete, attempt saving a file again.

And that's all about notefolio error sendig to device!

Notefolio : TI connect compatibility

TI Notefolio Creator is not compatible with the 4.0 version of the TI-Connect software. You need to download the previous version of ti connect:

If you download from this page :
Download ti connect 4.0 (Do not dowload this one for notefolio)
You will have trouble !!!!!
You should download this ticonnect 1.5 :

>>>>> Download ti connect 1.5 for notefolio <<<<<

Notefolio : The .Net error

Notefolio requires .NET 1.1 to work properly (that's a shame...).
So if you get the error : "Net Framework 1.1 or later is not installed. Micrososft .Net Framework 1.1 is needed for TI NoteFolio Creator software to function properly."
Like this :

You need to download the right version of .NET :

>>>>> Download .NET 1.1 for ti notefolio creator <<<<<

Install it :

Accepte the licence and install it :

Notefolio : The ti connect 1.5 or higher error

If you have this error message when installing ti notefolio creator : "You must install TI Connect 1.5 or higher. The installation will now abort."

You should download this ticonnect 1.5 :

>>>>> Download ti connect 1.5 for notefolio <<<<<

Notefolio : File association error

When you have an issue when you click on a notefolio file : "this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action..".
You need to associate the file format to ti notefolio creator.

Solution : Right click on shortcut > open with > select the appropriate program?
Select ti notefolio creator and check "Always use this program" and it should open up.

Notefolio : Various tips and tricks

If you always have trouble with ti notefolio creator, try one of these solution :

Do you plug your ti84 calculator before installing ticonnect?
If yes, Windows installed his own driver and you need to remove this driver before.
Then remove ticonnect and reinstall it.

Are you sure that your calculator is ON when you try to do that?

If you have trouble at this point try to plug/unplug the ti 84 plus, and restart ti device explorer.
Also try to change your usb port (if you have the link with usual usb).
When ticonnect will recognize it, notefolio creator should do the same.