Texas Instrument official website

On this website you will find all the officials resources :

  • OS
  • Keyfonts
  • SDK
  • Applications
Be sure to visit the official website.


Ticalc is the reference, the community major website.

If you want to visit only one website, visit ticalc.org.


Cemetech is probably one of the most active website about TI84 plus programming.

The leader even published a book about TI84 plus programming !

Go visit cemetech to learn more about hardware and programming the TI84 plus.


Omnimaga is well known for his basics developpers and some incredible productions.

A lot of axe and assembly programmers are frequently posting here too.

Say hello to Omnimaga.


Tiplanet is the french major website about ti 84 plus.

The site is entirely translated for english native speakers

The website provides a lot of news and hacks.

Have a look at Tiplanet !

Ti freakware

Ti freakware provides a lot of resources especially tutorials.

Visit Ti Freakware now !

Revolution software

This is a website mostly about programming.

Currently, not a lot of activity here.

Visit Revsoft.

Yaronet z80

A nice french forum with some assembly development activity.

Visit Yaronet.


This is a partner site.

They provide helps, tips and tricks and sells ti 84 plus calcs.

Please do not forget to visit calculatorti.

Some other well known places

Minor websites

Ticalc hosting


  • TICT : A very good place to ask about C programming
  • GCC4TI : The home of the C compiler TIGCC
  • TIGCC : The other home of the C compiler
  • Yaronet 68k : definitely a very active place. Lots of great games and hacking were started here.
  • Technoplaza : Old ti68k resources
  • Door OS : About the door os shell
  • MXM : A small and old website


Old websites

z80 related websites