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You will find here a complete and up to date list of Texas Instrument calculators emulators.

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TilEm is an emulator that reproduce behavior of z80 based Texas Instrument Calculator (TI73 through TI86 including the TI81 :p). As the others emulators, TilEm2 needs an official rom of course.

TilEm2 is already available for GNU/Linux and Windows and Mac OS X.

It features highly detailed hardware emulation.
TilEm 2's hardware emulation is greatly improved - it's now at least on par with, and in some cases better than, any other emulator released to date.
All of the Z80 models are supported (including both hardware revisions of the TI-81 and both revisions of the TI-82); the only part of the hardware that is not currently emulated is the TI-84 Plus USB controller.

>>> Download Tilem2 <<<

You will find a long user manual here : User Mannual (english)
This program was made for YOU users.

Please report bugs and feature request on the Sourceforge Bug tracker

This version has a new and improved user interface, as well as many improvements to the hardware emulation.

See the project website at official website for more information.

Sending/receiving programs, variables, and applications :

  • TilEm2 uses libticalcs and provides visual feedback by printing progress and allowing cancel.
  • You can send single or grouped vars, flashapp, or whatever you want.
  • A nice receive window allow you to save programs from your calc to you computer.
  • There's also the possiblity to send and receive to and from the ti81.

Grayscale emulation :

  • TilEm has had grayscale support for many years (originally an FIR filter supporting only 4 levels; later changed to an IIR filter supporting 64 levels, but with a tendency to flicker.)
  • TilEm 2, however, uses a completely new grayscale algorithm based on a modified FIR filter, which should work a lot better.

Saving screenshots :

  • You can record animations (gif) or simply grab a static screenshot (png, bmp, gif output and more...).
  • There's a lot of setting as size (at least 3 default size per model plus custom size), foreground/background color, animation speed.
  • And of course a preview window to see before saving what you have done.

A full featured debugger for assembly programming :

  • With memory view (could be edited), disassembly view, registers (could be edited), stack, breakpoints, step by step, and more ...

Macro :

  • It allow to record key press and execute automatically (at startup or when you load the macro file).

New pack of skin and new skin format (TiEmu skin file) :

  • You can now do a skin for TilEm2 in 15 min and you can do some funny stuff (see the documentation about skins)

Extra features :

  • Sound support is one of the latest features added to the emulator.
  • Virtual linking between multiples instances of TilEm2

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WabbitEmu : a must

Wabbitemu is an accurate emulator/debugger for the TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+(SE), TI-84+(SE), TI-85, and TI-86.
It includes a full debugger, and a complete ready to use application.

>>> Download WabbitEmu <<<

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PindurTI is a native win32 emulator for the 82/83/83+. It is not release-ready, but still quite functional. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to continue this project, and there seems to be little point in it anyway with the emergence of Wabbitemu, which is built on a much more extensible core. Feel free to use the source in any way you want.

>>> Download PindurTi <<<

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Virtual Ti : The old universal emulator


Virtual TI, or "VTI" is a feature-rich graphing calculator emulator for Microsoft Windows, written in C++ by Rusty Wagner. It features a graphical debugger, a grayscale display, data transfer between computer and emulated calculator, black-link, parallel link and more.

There are currently two versions available:
  • Virtual TI v.2.5 (beta)
  • Virtual TI v.3.0 (alpha)
Version 2.5 supports the TI-82, 83, 83+, 85, 86, 89, 92, and 92+. Unfortunately, it is unable to properly emulate later versions of the TI-83 Plus, TI-89 and V200 series. It is also unable to emulate the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition as well as the more recent calculators like the TI-84 Plus.
Version 3.0 supports the TI-73, 83+, and the 83+ SE so far. However, it cannot retrieve the image of a TI-84+, and any file other than Apps cannot be loaded. It also doesn't allow users to save its state.
Virtual TI requires a calculator ROM image. The program itself can extract ROM images from TI calculators via Serial or Parallel connection.
This software has not been updated for a few years, unlike TiEmu.

This software is very famous because it could emulates a lot of models but there's a lot of bugs and weaknesses...

>>> Download Virtual TI <<<

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JsTIfied : online graphing calculator emulator


jsTIfied is an online graphing calculator emulator, emulating the TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. It runs entirely in your browser using HTML5 and Javascript, so it requires neither Java nor Flash. For legal reasons, you must load your own ROM image, which is stored in your browser and never sent to the Cemetech server. As a full calculator emulator, it offers lots of features:
  • Full TI-83+/TI-84+ emulation including accurate LCD physics for good-looking grayscale
  • Runs on all major browsers and operating systems
  • Can take animated and still screenshots
  • Load any .8xp, .8xk, etc program or App to test it
  • Drag calculator files onto the jsTIfied LCD to import them
  • Can export all files from the emulated calculator
  • Integrated with the SourceCoder TI-BASIC IDE/editor, so that you can write programs in SourceCoder and immediately test them on a calculator
  • Built-in debugger and CPU/memory view for assembly programmers

>>> Try JsTified <<<

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Andie Graph (Android)

An emulator for android platform. Rom is no longuer included.
You could check on our faq to ask where to get a ROM and how to install it.
A quick search in the faq should give you a lot of informations :)

>>> Download Andie Graph <<<

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Graph 89 (Android)

An emulator for android platform.
This software is based on TilEm2 and TiEmu. It emulates the ti 84 plus.

>>> Download Graph89 <<<

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Almost TI (Android)

Another emulator for android platform.
On some version, ROM is included.
This software emulates a lot of z80 calcs but it's sometimes not free.
AlmostTi is open source and probably no longuer contains ROM.

>>> Download AlmostTI <<<

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A ti80 emulator by Randy Compton.
Currently not completely finished.

>>> Download TI80 emu <<<

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Other z80 calcs emulators

  • Emu83 : an old ti83 emulator by Florent Dhordain
  • TI8x : Emulates the 82, 83, 85, and 86 in one program (Randy Gluvna)
  • Calcem : an old ti83 emulator (Probably not working on modern OSes) by Patrick Eriksson