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Now, some around the TI community have seen KnightOS resurfacing from a brief time of silence. KnightOS is a 3rd party Operating System for the TI-83+ and compatible calculators, And for the TI-84+CSE.

Now, before anyone groans about another 3rd party OS, I feel it necessary to point out how powerful KnightOS really is, even at its current 0.2.0 state.

KnightOS supports multitasking - and not like how that wimpy shell, TSE, does it. It really allows programs to work in the background.

KnightOS is Unix-like and sports several features such as a full filesystem. the KFS, the file system for KnightOS, is nearing read and write completion right now.

KnightOS allows the user to use more RAM than the TIOS allows - almost a 7k difference!

KnightOS also stores everything to the flash. this means that relatively little will be lost when you - sorry, if you - ram clear.

finally, KnightOS is open source. no, the source isn't just given out, it is commented to a T and easily readable to many.

while the future of KnightOS looks bright and happy, SirCmpwn and I cannot stress how important it is that we get as many users on this project as possible. it doesn't even matter if you cannot write code; come by KnightOS.org (chat at #KnightOS on freenode) and offer opinions and spread the word of this great operating system!

link to home site: KnightOS.org

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Benumbered : Install instruction and review of thtop best puzzle game for ti84 !

Benumbered is a great game close to candy crush saga. This is an amazing project with fantastic graphics !
You have graylevels, animations, everything you can request is implemented by cerzus69
You can download benumbered on its ticalc page
The game look like this (SPOIL the article :P)

You need mirageOS, ION or doorcs to run this game, so let's download ION from this page

Then transfer ION and Benumbered and you get :

Select ION and press enter :

ION program is now ready to be executed, press enter :

Ion is installed :

Now go to prgm menu and select A:

Execute A to launch ION :

WOW it crash ??????!!!! BAD BEAT !
Seems like ION doesn't like benumbered. (I haven't tried on real calc).
No problem, let's try with mirageOS :)
Download mirageOS from this link
Got to apps :

Select miragos :

MirageOS menu starts, open main with 2nd :

Select the game and press 2nd :

Transfer the doorcs.8xk :

Got to apps :

Select it :

Press enter and doorcs starts, close the welcome window :

Move cursor on the icon and press enter :

The game starts :

Multiples modes, seems really cool. Let's play :

Quit the game :

Congrats cerzus69, great project, amazing work !!!

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Omnimaga contest : digger !

I noticed a nice project from chickendude called Digger !

In this game, the user needs to escape policemen to accomplish his anarchist project (simply tag on the walls :D)

As you can see, the game is very well done with even jump implementation !

According to the author, only pathfinding is not correctly implemented ("correctly" means as he want, on the screenshot, nothing seems odd for me).

One more time, thank you for this project, chickendude !

Source : yaronet, omnimaga, revsoft

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TI 84 plus C SE : AssemblyBandit uploaded Pacman !

~AssemblyBandit~ continues to provide us amazing productions !

This week, he uploaded Pacman for ti 84 plus cse :

Look like incredible !

This time, source code seems not to be included at the moment.


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TI 84 plus C SE : Release of a great game called Steins !

Monday I noticed the upload of an amazing project on ticalc called steins;gate 8bits.

The author is calc84maniac, the grandmaster who released the incredible tiboy (nintendo game boy emulator for ti83+/ti84+, poty winner 2009) :

and gbc4nspire :

and gbsp (game boy advance emulator for nspire, poty winner 2012) :

And a lot of others great projects !

(Yes this guy is really a genius !)

Steins gate 8bits is an amazing game for ti84plus c se with nice graphics and an old school interaction systems.

Have a look at these screenies :

Seems like to be really  good. Nice job calc84maniac.



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