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Fix notefolio creator error saving file

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How to fix notefolio creator error saving file ?

I have this annoying bug !

asked Aug 23, 2013 by anonymous

4 Answers

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To fix notefolio creator error saving to file, you need to reinstall notefolio or at least repair it.

You can do this from the control panel -> add/remove software -> select notefolio -> repair.

More information on this notefolio page

answered Sep 3, 2013 by anonymous
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Yes, I had the same problem.
I fixed it a minute ago by doing the follow.

Sending to notefolio:

  1. Start TI NoteFolio Creater
  2. Connect your device
  3. Enter your text
  4. Press the button 'actions'
  5. Press the button 'Send NoteFolio App'

For saving files, I'll save them as a .txt file 

answered Jun 25, 2014 by anonymous
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I had the same problem. You probably have installed the TI-Connect 4.0 software. For some reason this does not work. You have to instal the TI-Connect 1.5. I uninstalled the notefolio creator and the TI-Connect. Then installed the 1.5-version and then the notefolio creator. This solved the error sending to devide and error saving file.
answered Oct 25, 2014 by anonymous
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Please do NOT go to that corrupt link, the links they say will allow you download the right things are TROJANS.


Please use this link from TI themselves. (I was weary at first because there seemed to be no actual downloads, however, this works.)


answered Jan 27, 2017 by anonymous

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