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How to get the default apps on ti-84 plus silver edition back?

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I recently bought the Ti-84 plus silver edition, and I used it for a test in my math class. I did not back up the calculator, and the teacher made us reset the calculator completely, so the only application that i have right now is called finance. How can i get my old applications back without getting it from a backup since i did not back up my calculator?

asked Jul 25, 2013 by anonymous

2 Answers

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You need to reupload an apppack from your computer to your calc (need cable + ticonnect).

Or you can do it with a second calc which contains the app then send from one to another.

answered Jul 25, 2013 by anonymous
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hah, sounds like your teacher doesnt know how to use the "test mode" features of the MathPrint OSs.

well, for starters, navigating to TI's site(http://waa.ai/pfr) has the common preinstalled apps and software. however, these arent the only apps out there.

TiCalc.org is a flagship site that houses thousands of programs. the archives area you would want to look at would be "http://waa.ai/pf5". these programs are often more functional than TI's own, though the community is game-oriented.

Cemetech.net also has its own small archives that is worth looking into, but most of the programs there are also on TiCalc.org.
answered Jan 17, 2014 by Luxen (3,450 points)

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