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TI 84 Calculator won't open in Notefolio Creator?

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I have my ti 84 calculator, but my computer doesn't recognize it. When I plug my fully charged battery calculator with the cable in my pc, windows recognizes it. (I have Windows 8), I also have TI connect 1.6 installed aswell as Microsoft framework. 
The problem is that Notefolio Creator doesn't recognize my calculator, also TI connect won't recognize.....
What is the problem?
asked May 16, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Do you plug your ti84 calculator before installing ticonnect?
If yes, Windows installed his own driver and you need to remove this driver before.
Then remove ticonnect and reinstall it. 
Are you sure that your calculator is ON when you try to do that? 
If you have trouble at this point try to plug/unplug the ti 84 plus, and restart ti device explorer.
Also try to change your usb port (if you have the link with usual usb).
When ticonnect will recognize it, notefolio creator should do the same.
answered May 16, 2013 by anonymous

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