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ION vs mirageOS vs Doorcs vs venus

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What is the best shell ? Which one do you recommend?
DoorCS? Venus? mirageOS? ION?
asked Apr 23, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Venus AFAIK is not available for ti83plus/ti83plus but only for ti83 regular (or ti82stats). Venus is ION compatible so you can launch ION games with Venus. You can get it here :

Ion is available for ti83 regular and ti83plus/ti84plus. It's a tiny shell and provides some extra useful libs (for programmers). Download ION here : 
(83g is for ti83regular and 8xp is for ti83plus/ti84plus)

MirageOS is available for ti83plus/ti84plus, it's a flashapp (it goes into APPS menu, not PRGM). It's ION compatible and could also run mirageOS games and do some extra tasks. You can download MirageOS here : 

Doorcs is the biggest and the most featured shell, it includes compatibility with other shells, a very nice graphical user interface, mouse support and more. You can download it here :

More information about doorcs (currently 7.1) here : 

answered Apr 23, 2013 by anonymous

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