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How to graph more than two restrictions on a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition?

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I am doing a calculator art project and I can't figure out how to graph pieces of functions together using more than just two restrictions on one equation.

For example:

I want to graph the line 0.02X^2+15.8 when (X>-3.4), (X<-2.55), (X>-0.43), (X<0.43), (X>2.55), and (X<3.4).  I know about the whole typing the equation before putting in the restrictions separated by division signs, but no line at all shows up (well, at least in the window) when I enter more than two restrictions.  Why is this?!  It is frusterating as hell and I have spent about the last hour looking everywhere online, but I haven't found anything related to this.  Is it simply impossible for a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition to graph with more than two restrictions?  If not, how can I get all three sets of inequalities to graph on my calculator?

asked Oct 12, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hum it works if you do something like this (tested!) :

0.02X^2+15/ (((X>-3.4) and (X<-2.55)) or ((X>-0.43) and (X<0.43)) or ((X>2.55) and (X<3.4)))

Notice that if you use _only_ "and" you will have a problem because the x value can't be in the 3 domains at a time and "(((X>-3.4) and (X<-2.55)) or ((X>-0.43) and (X<0.43)) or ((X>2.55) and (X<3.4)))" will always answer 0 !!!

I can see the result but I need to zoom in on a particular zone.

Is it ok for you ?

Good luck with your art project :)
answered Oct 14, 2013 by anonymous

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