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WHat's axesh? Download axesh?

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Thank you.
asked Sep 13, 2013 by anonymous

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For axe programers !

Download it here : 

Here's a tool that allows you to manage both Axe source and executables ! With this shell-like program, you'll can directly compile your Axe sources, launch your nostub executables and lock and delete files ! It replaces efficiently the Axe app and a shell, but you can still launch the Axe app from the shell too ! Make sure to give it a try ;) Needs Axe.8xk to work properly.



║      AxeSh       ║
║By Matrefeytontias║

What's AxeSh ?
AxeSh is a shell-like program that allows you to manage your Axe files, both sources and executables.
With it you can compile your Axe sources, execute your Axe programs, lock and delete your files, and even open the Axe app direclty from the shell !

I Installation
Just send AXESH.8xp to your Ti-83+ or Ti-84+ (and derivated calcs) and run it using the Asm() command.

The programs needs the Axe app to work ! Make sure that you have Axe.8xk on your calculator, or AxeSh won't work.

II Using the shell
Once you opened AxeSh, you can see at the left of the window all of your Axe sources, and at the right informations on the selected Axe source :
if the source is locked or not, the size and the output program (the program the source will be compiled in).

Keys :

[up]/[down] : navigate in the files.
[left] : switch to Axe sources view.
[right] : switch to ASM executables view.
[F1] : (un)lock the selected file.
[F2] : delete the selected file.
[F3] : open the Axe app.
[F4] : in sources view, compile the selected file. In executables view, run the selected program.
[F5] : enable Axe token hook.
[mode] : quit the shell.

III Credits
Thanks to Quigibo for making the Axe Parser
Thanks to jacobly from Omnimaga for his help for launching ASM executables

E-mail me at matrefeytontias@gmail.com for any question or comment ;)


answered Sep 15, 2013 by anonymous

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