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PSE shell ti84

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Tell me more about this program
asked Sep 13, 2013 by anonymous

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PSE is Purple Haze Special Edition from adam koch.

This is a 100% ion compatible shell but with a lot of other features.

You can download it here:

Here's a part of the readme :

 _________           ___   
/\   ___  \         /\  \
\ \  \__\  \ urple  \ \  \  _____ aze 
 \ \   _____\        \ \  \/ __  \
  \ \  \____/         \ \   /_/\  \
   \ \__\              \ \__\ \ \__\
    \/__/Special Edition\/__/  \/__/
-----------<By: Adam Koch>-----------

>Backround Information
This program is much like the shell by Joe Wingbermuehle known as Ion, heh if you don't know what Ion is you should be smacked with a rubber chicken. This is an assembly language shell, both for TI-83+ and TI-83. I do not know if it will totally work for the TI-83 because well this was designed for the TI-83+ and I dont have a TI-83, so I couldn't test it. Programming for this shell is exactly like programming for Ion, because well, it uses the same include file (Ion.inc). The reason for this is because I wanted to make sure that different programs would not have to be made just to run for this particular shell. It makes programming for this much easier, and prevents anyone from having to make different files for different shells.

A TI-83+ (recommended), or TI-83 and a TI-Graph Link.
The TI-Graph Link is the cable that runs from your computer's com port to the calculator, to load the programs into the calculator from your computer. If you do not have one you can goto Best Buy and buy one. Or you can goto: www.ti.com/calc to buy one online.

Send pse.8xg to your TI-83+ or send pse.83g to your TI-83.
If you do not know how to send programs to your calculator and you already have the TI-Graph Link. Then download the TI-Graph Link software from http://education.ti.com/product/accessory/link/down/download.html and then make sure that you have checked the proper port from which the cable is hooked to your calculator on. Then goto [Link:Send To:Ram] and find where you put the files double click on it then click [Ok]. Once its sent find the file prgmPSE and run it. Then prgmA will appear in your program list. Run it and then you are all set. Don't worry if the shell does not load when you run prgmA that's just because you have no programs in your Flash Rom or Ram. You can delete prgmPSE and prgmPSEZ after you install it, but if you wish to send the shell to another calculator then you have to keep it.
-Note: I recommend that you keep the group (pse.8xg) in your archive, that way if you ram gets deleted you can easily ungroup the files and you wont have to wait till you get home in order to reinstall the files.

Run program:    [Y=] or [Enter]
Move Cursor:    [(up)] or [(down)]
Next/Prev List: [(left)] or [(right)]
Exit PSE:       [Quit] or [Clear]
Power Down:     [On]
-Note different keys may be used as long as you have the appropriate modules installed. I will cover the ones that came with the shell later.

These are the files included in the group file pse.8xg or pse.83g
-prgmPSE        The installer for Purple Haze SE
-prgmPSEZ       Data file for the installer
-prgmZMDEL      Module that deletes the files
-prgmZMCONT     Module that changes the screens contrast
-prgmZMINVER    Module that will change the inverse option
-prgmZMLCASE    Module that will activate/deactivate lowercase
-prgmZMBAT      Module that will check your battery status
-prgmZMABOUT    Module that will show you come info about PSE
-prgmZMALPHAN   Module that will arrange the names in alpha order
-prgmZMTURBO    Module that will turn on/off the turbo of PSE
-prgmZMVIRUS    Module that will protect your calc from teachers
*Note: The modules are not necessary for PSE to run, they just add some functionability. And well they are cool damn it. By the way all of the modules included in the group file are designed for PSE only. If they are tried to run on Ion, yes they will work but they wont look right (except for ZMVIRUS and ZMCONT)
*Note: The reason I did not include the source in this program yet, is because this program is not bug free yet and I dont it to release a program that will not teach someone. And besides that it's not fully documented.

>Module Keys
-ZMDEL          Press [Del] twice. Second time confirms
-ZMCONT         Press [+] to increase contrast
                Press [-] to decrease contrast
-ZMINVER        Press [Window] to activate inverse
                Press [Zoom] to deactivate inverse
-ZMLCASE        Press [�] to activate lowercase
                Press [x] to deactivate lowercase
-ZMBAT          Press [Prgm] to test batteries
-ZMABOUT        Press [Math] to view information
-ZMTURBO        Press [2nd] to activate turbo
                Press [Alpha] to deavtivate turbo
-ZMVIRUS        Press [APPS] to activate lockdown. See NOTE
*Note: When you turn the calculator back on after activating the ZMVIRUS module it will display the "RAM Cleared" screen. But don't worry your screen is not cleared. Then the only way to go back to the GUI is to press [Trace] and [Graph] at the same time and it will go back to normal.
answered Sep 15, 2013 by anonymous

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