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Download plasma 141 shell?

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What's this shell? Where to download it?
asked Sep 13, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is a ported project with 82 style UI and archiving unarchiving feature and asm prog launch feature.

You can download it here :

More info :

Plasma v1.4

I. Introduction
II. How to run Plasma
III. Controls
IV. Features
V. Special Development Info
VI. Credits

I. Introduction

Plasma is an Ion compatable shell for the Ti-83+.
For copyright info check copyright.txt.
For FAQ and more documentation go to http://tiworld.calc.org/plasma/

II. How to run Plasma

There are two different ways to run Plasma.
1) The way it was developed for. Strait from flash. To do this you need the program LOAD on your calculator along with PLASMA, program A is a basic program that runs LOAD. LOAD will either start PLASMA or return with no message. If this happens either you don't have enough Free ram to run Plasma, Plasma is in ram, or Plasma isn't on the calculator. I would suggest sending a.8xp and load.8xp to ram. Then send plasma.8xp to your archive memory.

Or just send PLASMA.8xg to your calc.
2) Run Plasma from ram. Just send Plasma.8xp to your calculator and Asm(prgmPLASMA at the home screen.

III. Controls

Up/Down - Move up/down one program (When you reach the bottom/top the descriptions scroll up/down to reveal the next program) 
Left/Right - Page Up/Down one page 
Alpha - Bring up info about the current program 
2nd, Y=, Enter - Run current program 
Mode - Exit Plasma 

ON+STO-> Start Plasma

IV. Features

New, more interesting, interface 
Programs run right from flash, no annoying garbage collect message 
Only uses 131 bytes of RAM 
Auto exit upon idling for a period of time 
Smaller than Mirage OS 
Auto exit on link activity 
Doesn't need to be installed 
Full source code available 

V. Development Info

Plasma adds two new functions for asm programs. These are provided since Plasma does not do program write back.

To access these two functions you must have #define PLASMA 1 before #include "ion.inc", and you must use the modified ion.inc included with this document.

;-----> Saves Data
;	hl=Amount to save in bytes
;	bc->AppVar Name
;	de->Start of Data
Saves hl amount of data to appvar with name pointed to by bc and de is the start of the data to copy to the AppVar.

;-----> Fetches Data
;	bc=Amount to save in bytes
;	hl->AppVar Name
;	de->Where to put data
Fetches bc amount of data from appvar with name pointed to by hl and de is the start of the data location where AppVar info is to be copyed to.

You can remain Ion compatable with program write back like such.

...Start of program
	call is_plasma
	jr nz,skip_data_load
	ld hl,data_end-data
	ld bc,SaveDataName
	ld de,data
	call plasmaSaveData
...prog code
...end of program
	call is_plasma
	ret nz
	ld bc,data_end-data
	ld hl,SaveDataName
	ld de,data
	call plasmaFetchData
	call ionVersion		;Get compatability information
				;check for datasave, fetchdata
	ld hl,1*256+10		;Library compatability 1, number of libraries 10
	.db "NoName",0
	.dw 0,0
	.db 8,3,4
VI. Credits

Comments, Questions, suggestions? Email the authors
Joe Flint <Joe-F@columbus.rr.com>
Brandon Engelberth <reddwarf_lester@yahoo.com>

Thanks to....
	Joe W - For letting us use the Ion Library functions.
	The beta testers
	You for using this shell.
answered Sep 15, 2013 by anonymous

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